The Filter for THE BEST Hydration

Welcome to Hydrofy!

Welcome to our vision of Hydrofy! Where our filter transforms ordinary tap water into a health-boosting drink.

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How Hydrofy Works

It’s simple! Hydrofy filters comprise of two parts:


Location-Based Custom Filter

When you give us your zip code at checkout, our advanced AI system uses private and government data to make a dedicated filter formula that will effectively remove all contaminants in your home tap water system.


SRMT (Slow Release Mineral Tablets)

The SRMT are little pebbles that you can refill into the capsule under the filter every ~2 weeks. These tablets will slowly infuse electrolytes into your water and add essential nutrients as well as taste.


Our Team


Georges Casassovici

Founder, Engineer


Gianco Iasiello

Co-Founder, Marketing